Our Story

Sticks of the Cross is a 501c3 Non-Profit using golf related involvement to extend local church outreach by supporting charity events throughout Northern Virginia.

The foremost goal of Sticks of the Cross is to spread the word about your local church. If you love your church and also love golf our organization is for you! Joining Sticks of the Cross enrolls you in our roster to be eligible to play in selected charity golf tournaments based on your church's location. This allows you the opportunity to talk about your faith, to spread information about and offer invites to your church, and to support local charities.

Which brings up the second goal of Sticks of the Cross: supporting local charities. The Sticks of the Cross Selection Committee, of whom you'll see listed below, will meet at the end of each month to determine what charities we will be supporting through their golf tournaments. All money donated to Sticks of the Cross goes to those selected charities.

Our events will be listed on our website, both past and future, snapshotting how your donations have impacted our area. Listed events will highlight participating Sticks of the Cross members and will provide links to their respective churches.

If you are interested in joining our team, making a donation, or submitting a charity golf tournament, please contact us. We look forward to working with you! 

Board of Directors


David Branscome Jr.

Founder and Director

Park Valley Church


Kevin Huddleston


All Saints' Church


Kevven Kijiak


Park Valley Church Ashburn


 Selection Committee


Josh Baird

Committee Member

Life Church Warrenton


Connor Leake

Committee Member


Alan Wampler

Committee Member  


Thomas Whitsman

Committee Member

Life Church